Reiki Healing

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What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki originated in Japan and means ‘universal life energy.’ Reiki therapy helps to support the body’s natural capacity to heal itself by using the normal life force energy we all have flowing in and through our bodies. This is a gentle hands-on or hands-off process while you lay fully clothed on a therapy bed or a chair.

I use Reiki healing to assist energy to flow freely, promoting balance and harmony within your body.

How can Reiki benefit you?

Reiki can complement traditional medicine and many hospitals and care settings practise this healing technique.


Animals also love Reiki. They seem to sense the positive energy and respond very well to it. Particularly if they are unwell.


Reiki can help with...

• Stress Reduction
• Relaxing & Unwinding
• Blood Pressure
• Pain Relief
• Supporting those with terminal illness
• Sleep issues


Who could benefit from Reiki healing?

Anyone of any age.
Animals can really benefit too.


You could also combine:

• Reiki - for a healing experience.
• Hypnosis - to experience full body relaxation.
• Visualisation - to visit a lovely safe and favourite place of your choice,
another tool for stress reduction.